Hughes Sub-Surface Engineering » Calmar


Vessel Name: Calmar
Year Built: 2015
Base Port: Liverpool
Vessel Type: Alusafe 1150
Length: 11.40m
Beam: 3.60m
Draft: 0.7m
Working Area: 40 miles Offshore
Fuel: Diesel (800lt)
Displacement: 10,000Kg
Max No Persons: 10

The Dive Support Daughter Craft (DSDC) can be launched from DP2 vessels using a HMD G100 davit LAR system giving a dive support role. As this vessel can be launched from a mother ship and transported overland this allows for significant cost savings for our clients during mobilisation.

The DSDC is a perfect option when access to the work area, deck space on the installation and accommodation for personnel are an issue.

Due to their size the DSDC can also be moored to offshore assets without fear of damaging them, this also means that they can be positioned in close proximity to areas that are inaccessible with other diving methods.

Benefits of the DSDC

Can be mobilised to and deployed from any suitable
mother vessel or quay

Support for shallow diving in up to 35m water depth

System supports two divers and one stand-by diver

Launch davit can deploy or recover fully crewed
vessel quickly and efficiently.

High levels of manoeuvrability

Equipped with inspection digital recording system.