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MV Cerys Line

Vessel Name: MV Cerys Line
Base Port: Klintebjerg, Denmark
Vessel Type: 12h Bathy survey and ROV support vessel
Builder: Damen shipyards, Belgium
Classification: DMA
Transit Speed: 11-13 knots
Gross Tonnage: 108
Length: 26m
Beam: 6m
Draft: 2.1m
Deck Space: 40 m2

ROV: HSSE 104 (re-configured sub fighter 15k)
Survey: MBES, EIVA, NaviPac, NaviScan

MV Cerys Line operates as a ROV and survey vessel in the pre- and post-installation survey stage. MV Cerys Line had been serving CT Offshore since July 2009 and now serves Hughes SSE and provides the offshore wind market with time and cost effective Cable, Bathey and Magnetometer surveys.

MV CERYS LINE conducts:

Multibeam Survey

ROV Survey

Side Scan Survey

Towfish Survey

Magnetometer Survey

Cable Surveys

MV Cerys Line conducts survey of all varieties of cables, pipelines cable trenches, scour protection, UXO/EOD, rock-dumping, mattresses, seabed on rivers and ports, locating all varieties of objects.