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Hughes SSE Welcome Company Restructure

In line with Hughes Sub Surface Engineering’s continual growth into the Renewables sector, Hughes SSE have added a further seven members of staff to the team to support ongoing company development plans.  

In recent months, Hughes SSE have undergone a large company restructure to support the ongoing development of the business. Internal departments have widened, (with new departments created) to allow smooth operations and all client requirements to be met. The changes and alterations to Hughes SSE Management can be found on our About Us page.

Managing Director, Ian Hughes, explains that these new roles show promise for the companies future growth; “It is brilliant to see ongoing growth of Hughes SSE considering the instability of an industry such as ours. The company restructure was essential due to the speed at which the business is expanding, and it is our intention to continue with this trend in the years to come.  

“The new company structure will create more in opportunities for people already within Hughes SSE to take on more responsibility and develop their individual roles”

Hughes SSE have always maintained a focus on internal development, with the senior management team constantly encouraging skill-gaining opportunities for all staff at all levels. In late 2013, as part of the newly launched Hughes Sub Surface Engineering Apprentice scheme, the company took on four new apprentices in a variation of fields. The fixed term placements which started last September include regular onsite training for technicians, practical experience and further third-party study to further their skill set.

In addition to helping maintain the day-to-day operations in both of Hughes SSE’s existing offices, the apprentices will be responsible for supporting their department managers to develop existing customer / supplier relations and deliver excellent custom service throughout. On completion of a successful apprenticeship programme, individuals will be given the opportunity to graduate and secure positions with Hughes SSE on a permanent basis.

Kelly Donoghue, Hughes SSE’s HR Officer, said: “We are proud to implement the apprenticeship scheme here at Hughes SSE. After already having one of our employees qualify as a mechanical engineer in 2013 we decided to invest in additional resources via the scheme.

“Programmes such as these allow Hughes SSE to nurture our employees to be the industry specialist of the future and our employees will continue to develop with the group of the company.”

Hughes Sub Surface Engineering has grown from five full time employees in 2011 to five times that number in 2014 with offices in Liverpool and Staines. The company now owns several full state-of-the-art dive spreads, full rescue and tower equipment stores and will continue to invest to further cutting-edge technology to meet demand.

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