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Hughes SSE Complete Cable Decommission works Between Jersey and France

Hughes SSE has successfully completed a 6 week cable decommissioning campaign for clients Jersey Electricity of the OSS EDF1 power cable. The Cable connected the Island of Jersey to France, and spanned 31km. The Project itself highlighted some challenges with location, weather, and tides and distances all having an impact on the project. The works comprised of beach recovery works performed by GPC at Surville and Archirondel, followed by near shore recovery at both ends by the MCS Ailsa followed by offshore section by Atlantic Carrier.


Mike Bailey General Manager Commented “This project although challenging was completed on time without incident. This highlights Hughes SSE’s ability to adapt to changing project situations and keep projects on track and most importantly completed on time and safely.”


Jersey Electricity have been serving Jersey for over 90 Years and provide affordable, sustainable energy, while protecting our environment and investing in their infrastructure so future generations can meet their energy needs, too. Jersey Electricity CEO ‘Chris Ambler said: ‘The recovery of EDF1, our first subsea cable to France commissioned in 1985, marks another important step in our £40m Normandie 1 project to lay its replacement over the same route. We are delighted this stage has been successfully completed and that the project as a whole is progressing well. N1 will further enhance supply security and enable us to meet Jersey’s full electricity requirement even during the winter peaks, with low carbon imports.’

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