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Kelly – Hughes SSE’s Newest Team Member

With the growth of Hughes Sub Surface Engineering in the last year, we have been joined by our newest team member – Kelly Donoghue. 

As we’ve developed, the need for a dedicated Personnel Coordinator has became a priority – Kelly, having started on the 1st October 2012, is in charge of organising personnel for both civil engineering and offshore works. She will be using the newly implemented database system, for both new and existing personnel – with information relating to experience, qualifications, contact details and availability – it’s key sub-contractors keep us up to date with these details.

As some of you may already know, Kelly recently travelled to New York ahead of her birthday later this year. After a few days in the Big Apple, the imminent arrival of Hurricane Sandy started to have an effect on the city – with all the stores and tourists attractions closing, including a cancelled show of “The Jersey Boys” on Broadway, Statue of Liberty closure and a windswept Central Park.

After a quick text of concern from the head office – Kelly assured us “It’s not as bad as it looks on TV… nothing to do except drink beer!”  Sufficiently content with Kelly’s reply, we watched the storm coverage unfold. Hours after our text conversation, the storm truly started to have an effect on the city with all the power in the surrounding area turning off. The next few days consisted of cold showers and empty streets for sightseeing – (daylight hours only).

Luckily, Kelly managed to return to Liverpool, with not even a scratch to show for the ordeal. Though – we’re pleased to announce – Kelly did return home with a beautiful ring.

We’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate Kelly once again on her engagement – and wish her all the best!

If you’d like to speak to Kelly, she is contactable via the e-mail address.

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